Deep breath. In 2006, while living in Sicily, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2010, having returned to the UK, I discovered that the cancer had spread to my liver and bones. This condition is known as secondary breast cancer (because the primary cancer was found in my breast). A secondary cancer means that the disease can be controlled but not cured. Like many people with this illness, I prefer to describe myself as ‘living with cancer’ rather than ‘dying from’… The illness doesn’t define me but it IS a part of who I am. Anyway this is my blog. Breathe out.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Alison
    Just wanted to say I am following your blog, partly because I was dx with bc last year and partly because I like the way you express yourself. I hope you continue to write and share your feelings. I feel lost inside my cancer and I it helps me greatly to see others who cannot help but fight their way out and show who they are, even if they don’t know it.

    • Dear Deborah

      Thank you so much for taking the time to post a comment, it means so much to me. Cancer can be pretty overwhelming and it’s very common to feel lost. I find that writing a blog is something that is giving me the courage to look back AND forward. I wish you the absolute best with regard to health and happiness. I am enjoying exploring my thoughts (if ‘enjoy’ is the correct verb to use in this context) and I am genuinely moved when I hear that something I have written strikes a chord with someone else.


  2. I found your blog through the Breast Cancer Care thread on blogging and have been catching up with your story. I was also overseas when diagnosed and so much of your experience resonates.

    I particularly enjoy your writing, and your poetry. Eloquent and poignant.

    Thank you for sharing, I’ll be visiting regularly.

    Philippa (aka Feisty Blue Gecko)

    • Philippa, thank you for your kind comments. I’ve been a bit slack on this blog, I will be posting again soon. It’s interesting that you were also diagnosed abroad – it definitely puts a different perspective on the whole situation! As the winter nights draw in I think I’ll find myself writing more. Best wishes to you.


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